The type of the ticket reflects how we have evaluated your request. Specific actions are linked to the type.

These options are available:

  • Support
  • Bug
  • Sales
  • Product development


You have a question or a problem, which is a general support topic. This can also include errors that turn out to be incorrect operation or setting problems.


You have reported a bug, which we also classify as a bug. These bugs will be fixed in a next release free of charge. It does not mean, that you will receive a new release right away. In consultation with you, we will asses the severity of the bug and decide together on how to proceed from here.


You have sent us a request which connects to sales activities. 

These can be requests to quotations or errors which we evaluated as new functions. For these functions, our sales department can create an quaotation for you company. If you accept this offer, these functions can be implemented.

Product development

You have an idea how to improve the software. We have forwarded this idea to the product management and has been evaluated as interesting for the product. This means, we strive to implement the function into the software free of charge. The time period of the implementation is not set to the next release. You may need to pay for release costs.